Posted by: Ocean's Dream | August 12, 2009

Battle system planning

Right now I’m trying to decide on how I’m going to set this up. The previous games battle system is going to be the basis for this one, but it had a lot of faults that I want to iron out.

For starters, I will get rid of all enemy effect spells, unless it’s a rare skill. I don’t want Angela/Sabrina spell spam while Lisa buffs them strategy like I abused in the earlier game. Actually Lisa’s not in this game anymore, but I never thought her as an interesting character so she’s being replaced by a wacky Karen instead.

I’m still going for the 3 party battles, but this time you don’t pick the 3, you just keep your 3 throughout the game. I want more customization for each character, but the actual party will be fixed. So that means I want equipment to have different effects and not just direct upgrades. Also, I’ll have a skill point system so you can choose your party skills instead of upgrading the class stat and getting the skills that way. I didn’t really like that system, plus it got annoying when I already was invincible and still gain 100’s of levels per battle. Really need to balance out EXP gain as well.

I have a few ideas on what I might do. I could either:

A) Have random encounters, giving standard experience, and have the EXP amount required grow, and just prevent bosses from giving EXP. In the old Island Sky, bosses gave enough EXP that you never needed to fight outside of it.

B) Touch encounter, and either do the same thing as above and make the populations disappear (a la Paradise Blue), or have touch encounters, but the higher your level compared to the enemy level means you get less EXP, but the amount you need is a fixed 100.

C) Forced encounters, where each battle is in a specific spot, and you have a certain amount of battles to do in game, like other tactical RPGs. There could still be areas to grind, but otherwise I will know how strong you are at each battle.

I don’t know if I’m missing one, but so far I’m leaning towards B with lower EXP gains each time. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

I have to decide the skillsets. I wanted items to be limited to 9 this time, but be used by anyone and be the main healing, so that we don’t need to have a healer class. So that leaves Sabrina, Angela and Karen to have skills other than healing, or maybe some light healing if necessary. I want there to be a choice as well, and skills that work together with other characters. I’ll have to think on this more. You will most likely be able to buy items online as well, so that way you won’t be in the middle of the dungeon being like “I have no items D:”.

I have tokens just like Paradise Blue (the concept originated in Island Sky), so I want to have a sort of “class change”, but the effects be more limited. Since each of them have their own personalities, I want to distinguish them a bit. Although I could just pull an FFX-2 but I don’t really want to. Maybe something along the lines of: (This is just an example, and not likely to be what it actually will be in game)

Sabrina: Thief, Archer, Assassin, Bard

Angela: Black Mage, Blue Mage, Time Mage, Summoner

Karen: Fighter, Dark Knight, Monk, Paladin

So you have a choice but the choice is still restricted. You can learn abilities from them and have different combinations there too. But this is still up for deciding, I may have it simpler since this is not the DBS I’m working with, but rather a picture/evented battle system. Which means sorting and stuff D:

Posted by: Ocean's Dream | August 7, 2009

Beginning the remake

I’m working on a remake of Island sky now. What I’m doing is replacing the graphics with my own, changing the characters around a bit, making them all fit into what I want them to be, doing some game fixes, more balancing, and general improvements.

This was essentially what Azure Ocean was going to be, but I was influenced by Skie and decided to remake my old game. That’ll leave Azure Ocean to be a new game.

Here’s a screenshot of how it’ll look like graphically.


Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 22, 2008

Character art by Sererena

Welcome to the Island of Azulea. It is vacation time, and the students that go to the University in Seaside city are taking a break from the pressures of school. So the best way to enjoy it is to have fun at the beach, right? Usually yes, but not today. For the day of 4 University students and a teacher are going to get quite interesting…

Click on the links to the right to view the screens, characters, and gameplay features.